It’s about time…

“I’m going to write a blog…”

That was me a year ago when my wife, Sian, told me we were going to have a baby. And what have I done since? Not a lot.

Well that’s not strictly true, obviously lots has happened since. There have been 38 and a half weeks of pregnancy, and 13 weeks of baby. In that time I’ve changed job, we’ve been to two weddings, a stag do and a hen do each. We’ve celebrated ten years together, made baby announcements, had weekends away with friends and family, painted and decorated a nursey, done more DIY and assembly than probably the rest of my life combined, plus all the other things I can’t remember. It’s been a busy year, which is maybe why in regards to writing a blog I’ve done very little.

I had all these big plans too. Inspired by Tom Fletcher’s video I was going to keep a record of Sian’s pregnancy, I’d blog about the build up to our first baby and everything that entails, and then the arrival of our little boy or girl.

But then life got busy, days turned into weeks, weeks into months and before we knew it our baby girl was here and growing up fast!

Really fast! I never really noticed how quickly time moves before I watched the huge changes in Quinn over her first days, weeks and months. It’s hard to remember what life was like without her here. It’s just as hard to remember what she was like five, six weeks ago, before she was smiling and cooing and sleeping through the night. And they are moments I really want to remember, so I had an idea. Why not keep a record of everything, something we can look back on in years and reminisce about. I’ll take pictures, make videos, and maybe even write a blog… oh wait, haven’t I said this before!

Yes, except this time things are different. Everyone always says a baby will change your life, and believe me they will. You will have new priorities, different worries, and you develop this new high pitched voice you’ve never used before. You’ll start referring to yourself in the third person, and make up a new language only you and your baby understand. It’ll be impossible not to gently sway and bounce even when you’re not holding your baby and bath time is built up to like the headline act of Glastonbury. Leaving the house will take ten times longer and Euan the sheep will be your new best friend. But what I didn’t expect to find is that you suddenly have time. Honestly I’m not going crazy from the sleep deprivation, I know what I just said and I know what you’re thinking, but bear with me…

Life has always been busy, I’m sure you know the feeling. And I’ve always been too busy (lazy) to do one thing or another; learn the guitar, go to this or that event, see people, write a blog etc, etc. And then Quinn was here and I give her as much of my time as possible, so what fell away? You know what, not as much as I thought would. Clearly some things do, playing football has taken a back seat recently, and I don’t go out for a few drinks as often. But I still play five aside on a Monday and in 13 weeks I’ve definitely been for my fair share of evenings out. And so I’ve realised that, more often than not, there is time, because I’m making more of it.

Not only that, we do more. We go home and see family more often, friends and family visit us more often. We leave the flat and go for walks more than we have in the past. We meet up with other parents and babies and we watch a lot of Disney films. in fact there’s very little we’re not doing, and it’s great.

So I’m going to write this blog, play football, see friends, go to work, spend huge amounts of time with Quinn and Sian, and do as much else as I can because time is what you make of it, and I want to make the most of mine…

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