Weekends… family, friends & fun!

So because I waited until Quinn was a little more than three months old to start this blog, there are lots of stories and moments I haven’t yet shared with you from during Sian’s pregnancy and Quinn’s first months. Over the next few weeks and months I will mix up stories from the here and now, with some from before I started this blog. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about just leave your suggestion as a comment below.

Today Quinn is 15 weeks old! Writing it like that it doesn’t sound like long but we’ve done so much in the time that it feels much longer.

And when you consider that because of work much of what we do as a three is restricted to evenings and even more so weekends, it’s probably not surprising that this weekend like most others was filled with things to do and people to see…

Actually that’s one of the things that has surprised me the most, just how excited everyone is to meet Quinn. It’s something I never really considered before she was here. When we found out we were having a baby, all my thoughts turned to us as a family, what did this mean for us financially, what did we need to get, what do we need to do so that we’re ready for her arrival. So, maybe selfishly, I never really gave much thought to what it would mean to everyone else.

There’s a quote from the film ‘About time’ that stayed with me once we found out we were having Quinn and since.

“No one can prepare you for the love from the people you love can feel for them, and nothing can prepare you for the indifferences of friends who don’t have babies”

I’ve found this to be both true and false. At times it’s been overwhelming to see how happy family and friends are to see her, how they have made time to visit us, accommodate us or to Skype and Facetime to speak to us and Quinn. It makes me very happy to know how much love there is for Quinn and how many people there are in her life even at this very early stage. Because of this the indifference of friends is something I haven’t experienced yet, which may be surprising considering we are among the first of our friends to have a baby. Or perhaps this is exactly why everyone’s so excited, who knows?

Our friends have been great, understanding and full of enthusiasm to meet Quinn, hold her and help us. As her parent it’s been amazing to watch, and this weekend was no different…

Saturday started with a rarity as Sian and I briefly ventured out without Quinn to look at a possible venue for her christening reception. While we popped out Quinn got to spend some time with her Granddad and Grandma, and later that afternoon she was visited by her great Auntie and Uncle. Unfortunately on this occasion Quinn decided to sleep through most of the visit but still managed to squeeze in a few cuddles.

On Sunday we caught up with friends over a roast dinner. It was nice to see everyone as a group for the first time with Quinn. She was a little grizzly at first and it took a while for her to get used to her surroundings, she was too preoccupied with the lights above her and the noise of the restaurant to notice everyone waiting to play with her. However after some food and a short nap she assumed her role at the centre of attention and duly put a smile on everyone’s faces.

daddy deeknee friends group
Sunday lunch at The Goat in Clapham

A treasure hunt…

The weekend ended with an impromptu treasure hunt! Not the kind that you plan, the kind that occurs when you misplace something of value and set out to find it…

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is how unbelievably generous all our friends and family have been. On Saturday my Auntie was very kind and arrived bearing many goodies for Quinn and something for Sian and I. Without going into too much detail, or attributing any blame (for the record it wasn’t mine or Quinn’s fault), let’s just say baby brain led to this something (of significant value) being thrown down the rubbish shoot.

As soon as the mistake had been realised, I ventured out to complete a task much like the bush tucker trials that had returned to the television that evening. Once I had explained the situation to a very amused member of security for our block of flats, he showed me where all the rubbish ends up and let me climb in to search.

Eventually after wading through the rubbish of 50+ flats for nearly fifteen minutes I found what I was looking for inside a fish & chip takeaway box, along with some discarded mushy peas.

Returning to the flat with a slightly out of place sense of achievement and relief, we were able to laugh about it. Not Quinn though… she slept through the whole thing.

6 thoughts on “Weekends… family, friends & fun!

    • It’s a nightmare. Luckily on this occasion we knew where it was, it was just a case of searching through the rubbish to find it. We won’t be making the same mistake anytime soon (hopefully!!)


  1. Ahh your family is adorable and I look forward to reading about the past and present of your little gorgeous Quinn’s story and the rest of the fam too. I was the same I wasn’t blogging until after both my kids were born so I have so many back stories to catch up. Make sure you document them down before you forget I have been trying to write them all down for two years but the present keeps taking my time. Great post and welcome to share with me. Great to get to see other bloggers joining in. Hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round #sharewithme


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