Morning smiles are free…

Neither Sian nor I are particularly good morning people. Previously, on a daily basis I would set three or four alarms to make sure I actually got up for work, and at weekend’s it wasn’t uncommon for Sian to get up just in time for lunch. However, neither of these things happens very often anymore because we have a very effective little alarm clock in the form of Quinn.

Over her fifteen weeks this little alarm clock has changed a lot. In the beginning, she was probably more of a ticking time bomb. There was no predicting or adjusting her settings and the best you could do was get an hour or two of sleep when she slept. On a good night, between feeding and nappy changes, we may have got seven or eight hours of broken sleep, on a bad night two or three.

Sometimes it’s hard to see that ever changing, people tell you it will but what if it didn’t… and then like flipping a switch it did. At ten weeks, she slept through the night and we’ve been very fortunate that she has done since (for now). But then, this didn’t immediately translate into sleep for us. The first night Quinn slept through I was more worried than happy. After waking up surprised Quinn hadn’t woken me first, a quick check of time revealed she’d been asleep seven hours! I was certain something was wrong and watched her sleep for another hour before gently waking her to make sure she was still alive… which of course she was.  I’ve just about stopped waking up in a panic if Quinn hasn’t woken me at some point in the night, and every night at least once we play a dangerous game of buckaroo where I place my hand on her chest to feel her breathing, whilst desperately trying not to wake her up as I do.

Reading this you may think that the best thing about our little alarm clock is that she now works to our preferred settings, and that is great, but what makes being woken up by Quinn better than any alarm is that we’re greeted by the very cutest of smiles.

Our little girl is so happy to be awake that she can’t stop grinning from ear to ear. Maybe it’s being out of her moses basket and sitting up, maybe it’s the anticipation of food, or a clean nappy, maybe it’s being hugged and held or the morning light brightening up the dark room, or maybe it’s the excitement of another day full of new things to see. Maybe it’s all of these or none of them, but what’s for certain is our little girl is our very own ray of sunshine in the morning, and with her help I’m definitely becoming more of a morning person…

She definitely doesn’t make it any easier to leave for work though!


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