Weekends… family, friends & fun!

So because I waited until Quinn was a little more than three months old to start this blog, there are lots of stories and moments I haven’t yet shared with you from during Sian’s pregnancy and Quinn’s first months. Over the next few weeks and months I will mix up stories from the here and now, with some from before I started this blog. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to hear about just leave your suggestion as a comment below.

Today Quinn is 15 weeks old! Writing it like that it doesn’t sound like long but we’ve done so much in the time that it feels much longer.

And when you consider that because of work much of what we do as a three is restricted to evenings and even more so weekends, it’s probably not surprising that this weekend like most others was filled with things to do and people to see…

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Quinn’s first cough…

Try to imagine, if you can, what it must feel like to feel unwell for the very first time. You and I will have been unwell many times with varying levels of severity, and because of this we know that eventually the sniffles and shivers will pass, and we’ll feel better.

But your baby doesn’t know this comfort, not the first time. For them life is good, they’re happily going along eating, sleeping, pooping and repeating all of these in no particular order and then out of nowhere, bam!!!… a sore throat, runny nose, aches and pains, or in Quinn’s case a chesty cough.

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It’s about time…

“I’m going to write a blog…”

That was me a year ago when my wife, Sian, told me we were going to have a baby. And what have I done since? Not a lot.

Well that’s not strictly true, obviously lots has happened since. There have been 38 and a half weeks of pregnancy, and 13 weeks of baby. In that time I’ve changed job, we’ve been to two weddings, a stag do and a hen do each. We’ve celebrated ten years together, made baby announcements, had weekends away with friends and family, painted and decorated a nursey, done more DIY and assembly than probably the rest of my life combined, plus all the other things I can’t remember. It’s been a busy year, which is maybe why in regards to writing a blog I’ve done very little.

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